Tommy Heavenly 6 - I Kill my Heart - CD+DVD [FIRST PRESS]

Tommy February & Heavenly 6 vous offre ici leur album: I Kill my Heart (CD+DVD [FIRST PRESS]) en import japonais

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Artiste: Tommy Heavenly6
Album: FIRST PRESS I Kill my Heart (japan edition)
Edition: CD + DVD
DVD zone: 2


01. Wait For Me There
02. Leaving You
03. Do You Know My Heart?
04. Sad End To A Fairy Tale
05. Shut Up
06. Flower Crown
07. Surely
08. Gonna Change My Way Of Life
09. Playground
10. Things I Can Do
11. You Should Live In The Sunny Light


01. Wait For Me There (heavenly6 Ver.)
02. Wait For Me There (february6 Ver.)
03. Leaving You (heavenly6 Ver.)
04. Leaving You (february6 Ver.)